What is AVAPolos?

AVAPolos is a revolutionary technological solution that will enable educational institutions to offer online courses to people in places that doesn't have Internet connection, or where it is limited. It automatically installs, and offer a group of services that will support online courses to become accessible to students in offline sites through a local network.

AVAPolos goes where Internet doesn't

The main service included in AVAPolos is the Virtual Learning Environmnet (VLE) Moodle. This service will enable the institutions to create and offer online courses, making them accessible to offline sites in the same way the online courses are offered today. Moodle was adapted so as to the activities and communications can happen in an assynchronous way, allowing that from times to times the data can be synchronized between institution and offline site through files transported in removable disks.

Another valuable service included in AVAPolos is the Open Educational Resource (OER) repository eduCAPES. With more than 120GB of open content in Portuguese, including documents, pictures, videos and more, the repository is accessible to the students through a local network built in the offline site, enabling them to consult all this content which was previously accessible only online.

Additionaly, through the service MediaWiki, AVAPolos offer to the students the possibility to create a local wiki in a collaborative way. Such service will enable the community in which the offline site is to become an active agent in the content production, creating and sharing it among all students and people that have access to the offline site local network.

Finally, the AVAPolos solution was designed so as to facilitate the addition of new services that have the potential to contribute to the revolution of taking AVAPolos where Internet doesn't go. If you have ideas and suggestions of services to be included, contact us through the email ti.c3@furg.br and be part of the revolution.

Se você possui ideias e sugestões de novos serviços, entre em contato com a gente através do email ti.c3@furg.br e faça parte desta revolução.

How does it work?

AVAPolos solution has three main operations: installation, cloning and synchronization.


The institution that will offer the courses installs the AVAPolos solution in a server, and prepares all the virtual learning environment inserting courses, instructors and students. When the environment is ready, the institution performs the AVAPolos clone operation to a new server.


When the environment is ready, the institution performs the AVAPolos cloning operation to a new server. The cloned server will be taken to the offline site where the students are, it will be connected to a local network (intranet), and the students will access the virtual learning environment through it.


Data is synchronized through the creation of an AVAPolos data package (exportation process) in a server, and subsequently the data package importation in the other server (importation process). In this way, the data package can be transported in a removable disk between the educational institution and the offline site.

Operations Flow

See below the AVAPolos solution operations flow through illustrative videos. Click on the icons to open the videos.